Crazy Awesome Adventure Explosion Party

Francisco's Journal Entry

Just when Francisco thinks things will finally be looking up for him, his bar is overrun by zombies! Again! And where was Esteban? I had not seen him since he went out for groceries. It seemed I had no choice but to set out for the next town, and so I did. But then there were zombies. So, I set out for the next town and there luck was finally smiling upon Francisco. There I met my wonderful friends who saved me from the fire! It was so nice to see them all, especially Special Edward for he dug me out of the wreckage and is a truly great friend of Francisco. And Zlatan! What a nice man! I love Zlatan!



I'm way cuter!

Way cuter than that ugly bald headed chicken that tried to eat me anyway!


Mercury's update

Weasels are rather stupid creatures. That sorry rodent Steve climbed into an evil tree that was attacking Morwynne’s friends, so that they couldn’t fight back without harming him. I lifted him to safety, and resisted the temptation to eat him, but the brainless thing just struggled and hissed at me. Maybe he will go back to being dire and run off.

A good if unlikely team

Who knew all the strange, scary and wonderful things beyond the island of Oof! I have taken up with a rather odd assortment of people, and while I would still hesitate to trust them completely, they are highly amusing company and we make a good - if unlikely - team.

The wizard in the group, Stephanga, has introduced me to smoking and our new friend Alphonse has given me a wonderful new outfit the likes of which has never been seen on Oof. I don’t think my former countrymen would recognize me in this garb, although I believe that by now they have given up their pursuit.

Mercifully Alphonse also purchased clothing for Special Edward.

And an eagle has been following us and helping us when are in trouble. I believe it is the same eagle that kept Derwynne from entering the cave I hid in when I fled Oof. I call him Mercury.

We're in a new Town!

It’s pretty cool. Much bigger than the last one and everyone seems much nicer. Hardly anyone is carrying pitchforks and torches. The inn we stayed at still had goblins though so that was fun. Steve likes goblins.

Zlatan has started shooting sparks out of his hands like some kind of wizard. I think he just does it as an excuse not to stand his share of watches. Apparently wizards are such delicate flowers that they have to have 8 hours of sleep every night. Maybe it’s just weakling human wizards…

I hope the other guys get here soon. No way are me and Steve gonna stand all the watches every night by ourselves.


Went on a really great rat hunt yesterday! I’ve got enough skins and meat to last for months. Now I just need to find someone who can make me a new ratskin cloak and maybe a pair of boots.

The best part was when that horrible elf fell into a big pile of them and they ate off his face. That nice wizard lady tried to finish him off by setting him on fire but for some reason the crazy dwarf rescued him.

Oh well. Next time for sure!

Gronk's Journal Entry

Found a rock! Not just a regular rock either. A lucky rock!

Also: Met some weird people and hit a guy with my shield. Had some swill too. Not as good as Mom’s but closest since leaving home.

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