Crazy Awesome Adventure Explosion Party

A good if unlikely team

Who knew all the strange, scary and wonderful things beyond the island of Oof! I have taken up with a rather odd assortment of people, and while I would still hesitate to trust them completely, they are highly amusing company and we make a good - if unlikely - team.

The wizard in the group, Stephanga, has introduced me to smoking and our new friend Alphonse has given me a wonderful new outfit the likes of which has never been seen on Oof. I don’t think my former countrymen would recognize me in this garb, although I believe that by now they have given up their pursuit.

Mercifully Alphonse also purchased clothing for Special Edward.

And an eagle has been following us and helping us when are in trouble. I believe it is the same eagle that kept Derwynne from entering the cave I hid in when I fled Oof. I call him Mercury.



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