Francisco came to town a number of years ago to establish his tavern, Friends of Francisco. It soon became the best tavern in town, renowned for the best ale and the most gruesome barfights. Francisco couldn’t have been happier.

One day, the Duke outlawed liquor, declaring it to be demonic and the source of all death and destruction. Francisco was reduced to selling a vile, purplish, crunchy swill he made in his basement. Fewer and fewer people came to visit Friends of Francisco and Francisco grew sad and bitter. He longed for the days of carousing and barfights.

One evening, as he was serving his swill to a couple of locals and a group of nasty looking goblins, a strange assortment of people came in. One of them talked so much that the goblins attacked him and soon everyone was attacking each other. One of them even attacked Francisco. A barfight at last! These people were truly great friends of Francisco! At that moment Francisco felt his heart soar once again. His faith in the world had been restored.


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