Our heroine was born in a small farming community on the outskirts of Bacardi. In her village, magical families had a duty to ensure bountiful crops, healthy animals. While revered in her community, Stephanga was not satisfied with her peaceful village life. In search of greater purpose, she left home under the cover of darkness after learning she was to be married to the town’s obnoxious butcher.

Miles from home and down on her luck, Stephanga found herself performing with an exploitative traveling circus – The Mobile Magical Menagerie of Mister Mason. She performed a fire-based and hyper-sexualized act as “Christina the Astonishing” for two years. Growing tired of their mistreatment, the band drank Mason into a stupor and set fire to his trailer as he slept. They went their separate ways, some returning home and others leaving to start new lives. Two stuck together – Stephanga and Mizo, a Chinese dragon whose growth had been stunted with drugs and was forced to perform menial tricks. Excellent juggler.

The pair now travel far and wide, occasionally relying on their sideshow acts as a means to survive. Stephanga has honed her magic skills beyond basic farming incantations. No longer the naive village girl, she knows that all resources are available to those who know how to get them. Sharp-tongued and bold, her judgement is sometimes clouded by her pride.


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